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Interview with Stephanie Freeman on Culture and Understanding Scripture

Culture and Understanding Scripture

In the fast-paced and sometimes confusing nature of modern times, connecting the Bible to a righteous life is not always a clear cut and apparent path.

Religious Studies

Why Study Religion

From the origins of ancient religious texts to their enduring relevance to modern culture, religious studies is a fascinating field that continues to captivate the minds of scholars and students alike. 

Religous Studies Degrees & Specializations

Religous Studies Degrees & Specializations

There are numerous types of religious studies degree programs available at colleges and universities across the country, enabling students to choose the type of degree that best aligns with their personal and professional goals. 

Careers in the Clergy

Considering a Career in the Clergy?

Take an in-depth look at the tasks, skills and work styles of clergy members. In addition to a strong knowledge of the English language, philosophy, theology and the psychology of human behavior, clergy members...

Interview with Stacy Haynes on the Value of Christian Education

The Value of a Christian College Education

Throughout her journey as a Christian, Stacy Haynes has always sought the opportunity to work in a profession where she is able to share her experiences and help those around her. As a counseling psychologist, she does just that.

Interview with Mary Ann Weakley on the Benefits of Christian Education

Potential Benefits of a Christian Education

Mary Ann Weakley has carved out a unique journey for herself—one that has taken her through a Christian education, a convent, and marriage—and her journey hasn’t stopped there. Weakley’s eclectic career choices have led her to life as an educator and an award-winning memoirist.