Top 25 Colleges with Biblical Studies Degrees New For 2021

What is a Degree in Biblical Studies?

A degree in Biblical Studies often looks at Bible in depth to help you interpret the texts for yourself and others. To make sense of the scriptures, you may study ancient Greek and Hebrew. You also tend to study the teachings of the Old and New Testaments in a historical context.

Types of Biblical Studies Degrees

Biblical Studies degree programs typically exist at all levels. Bachelor’s, master’s and PhDs. At each level, you may find biblical studies majors that are about spiritual growth, learning the Scriptures and the Christian worldview. As well as academic programs that aim to ready you for the seminary and ministry. 

Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies

A bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies is an entry level degree. It typically takes 4 years, or 120 credit hours to earn this degree. If you are taking classes part time it may take longer.

Depending on the program, a BA may introduce the Scriptures and ways to study them and derive meaning. You may also learn practical skills for the ministry and about your faith.  

Since many Churches are finding new ways to connect with audiences, you may also gain these not so classic skills. In fact, some course plans discuss how to use social media to evangelize, preach, teach, disciple and train for ministry. 

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Bachelors Biblical Studies Courses:


Often explores the ways to teach others the basics of the Christian faith using the Bible (also called “God’s word”) as the primary source.

Old Testament

Typically focuses on exegesis (interpretation) of the Major and Minor Prophets of the Old Testament. 


Often looks at the biblical truths, spiritual disciplines, virtues, and habits that add to the process of discipleship.


A study of the nature of God and religious beliefs. You tend to study the doctrines of revelation, God, humanity, sin, and the person of Jesus Christ with emphasis on the biblical bases.

new testament

An introduction to the text of the New Testament (NT), biblical narrative, genres, major historical periods, and religious themes.

gospels and acts

A study of the initial books in the NT with an emphasis on methods to interpret them. And in doing so, discover the Bible’s messages and values.

Master’s Degree in Biblical Studies

A Master of Arts (MA) in Biblical Studies is a graduate level degree. The goal is often to equip you to apply Biblical teachings to real world topics. Many lay leaders could use their degree to serve within their church or other ministry setting.

You often need a bachelor’s degree to enroll, and some schools assess your GPA.

A Master of Arts (MA) is the more common award. It tends to go deeper into interpreting the Bible, theology, biblical exegesis and helping you form your Christian spirituality. Often there are about 36 credit hours to complete, spread over about two years. 

As a result, it may help lay leaders who want to learn how to better serve within their church/ministry. So, while grounded in Scripture, other classes may help you with practical things. Like writing sermons and applying the messages of the Bible in real time.

Masters Biblical Studies Courses:


This course usually unites the many parts of the Bible into storylines. Redemption, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and Biblical Covenants.


An intro to biblical hermeneutics which is the science of how to interpret the Holy Scripture. 

gospels and acts

Often a focus on how the Bible’s stories, symbols and patterns shape ministry practice today. You may also study some history, Christian world view, and rationale.


This class is about the function of the Bible within pastoral ministry. It may focus on the Bible in preaching/teaching, counseling, church administration and the pastor’s devotional life. 

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PhD in Biblical Studies

A PhD in Biblical Studies is a research degree. It is the highest award and is a very in depth academic study of the Bible. As a graduate, you may be ready to pursue an entry level teaching position, research and or go for a ministry focused career.

For those interested in the Christian ministry, another doctoral program is the DMin. Or Doctor of Ministry

Of the two, the DMin often focuses on the practical ways to apply God’s Word into preaching, counseling, outreach and church administration. So, may appeal to those who want to work directly with a local church.

The PhD tends to involve a major original research project called a dissertation. The goal is thus to prepare graduates with the solid scholarly skills to teach, write and research.

PhD Biblical Studies Courses:

New testament

Often the major teachings of the various parts and the whole of the Old Testament. You tend to study these themes in an attempt to discover the intention of the biblical writers. A deep look at the main themes in the New Testament in the light of the cultures that produced the texts. You may also learn various modern methods of interpreting the texts.


An intro to evangelism and discipleship. And often an overview of the ministry of Jesus and presenting the Gospel.


Read the OT as literature and learn to understand it in its ancient historical context. You may also learn to relate its message to the modern world. 

gospels and acts

Devoted to helping you think biblically about the content of the Old and New Testaments as the Word of God.

How long could it take to earn a Biblical Studies Degree online?

The time it takes to earn a degree in Biblical Studies online varies by program level and if you study on a part time or full time basis. A bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies tends to be a four year degree. From there, it may take two extra years to earn a MA in Biblical Studies. An online PhD in Biblical Studies program may take another four to five years. However, a DMin may take about two years after you’ve earned a master’s.

Want to speed things up? Many online colleges offer robust transfer credit policies. For instance, you might get your general education credits out of the way at a community college. Then, have fewer to complete for your bachelor’s using eligible transfer credits. 

Self paced courses may also provide a faster path to graduation. Some online colleges use this model and it enables students to move through material without waiting for others.

How much does a Biblical Studies Degree cost?

According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), for the 2018/19 academic year it cost about $24,900 to attend a public 4 year college. This includes tuition, required fees, books and supplies and living on campus. The costs are higher ($51,900) at private non profit schools which many Christian colleges are.

Our Top 25 Colleges with Biblical Studies Degrees

Using NCES data, we compiled a list of the schools that awarded the most Biblical Studies degrees in 2018.

Top 25 Biblical Studies Degree Programs


Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies (online)
The BSBS degree program at Moody aims to help you apply the Scriptures within today’s life and ministry. As you move through your program, the program could help you create a portfolio that showcases your personal ministry brand. There are 121 credit hours in total, including general classes, the program core and electives.

Courses Include

  • Reading the Old Testament
  • Interpreting Scripture
  • Reading the New Testament

Program Goals

  • Apply research to topics related to the Bible
  • Communicate the Bible’s messages to others
  • Use the Scriptures to enhance your spiritual life 

More BA/BS Programs:
BS in Integrated Ministry Studies | BS in Theological Studies | BS in Ministry Leadership | BS in Theological & Cultural Engagement


Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies (online)
Lancaster’s BABS program often offers the option to study online only, on campus, or combine the two formats. There are 120 credits to complete and a choice of 8 minor areas of study. These areas include Business Administration as well as Pastoral Ministry. This may allow you to mix and match classes that may train you in various types of ministry or widen your skillsets.

Courses Include

  • Creation and Covenants (OT)
  • Israel’s Life and Literature
  • Biblical Hermeneutics 

Program Goals

  • Knowledge of the Bible 
  • Professional/Spiritual Growth
  • Enhance a resume with a minor

More BA/BS Programs:
BA in Ministry Leadership


Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies (online)
SAGU’s bachelor’s degree is fully online. It often features classes that may prep you to go for vocational ministry roles or a master’s degree. Some of these may delve into biblical research as you learn to translate biblical Greek and Hebrew. You may also deepen your grasp of the literary and theological content of each book of the Bible. 

Courses Include

  • Hermeneutics 
  • Synoptic Gospels
  • Biblical History

Program Goals

  • Christian ethics
  • Biblical preaching
  • Research

More BA/BS Programs:
BA in Bible & Theology | BA in Global Compassionate Leadership | BA in General Ministries | BA in Theological Studies


Bachelor of Science in Biblical and Educational Studies (online)
Liberty’s program entails 120 credits and an average of 3.5 years to complete. It also often features 8 week long courses. These aim to focus on the skills needed to teach children about the Bible. Once you graduate, you may be eligible to pursue an Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) teaching certificate.

Courses Include

  • Methodical Study of Scripture
  • History of Life 
  • Principles of Education 

Program Goals

  • Help children develop vital life skills
  • Biblical teaching methods
  • Interpret the Bible

More BA/BS Programs:
BS in Religion | BS in Applied Ministry | BS in Christian Leadership & Management


Master of Biblical and Theological Studies (online)
The MBTS at Dallas Theological Seminary is a 36 credit hour degree. It aims to provide an overview of the entire Biblical story with other classes about being an effective minister of the gospel. At the same you might choose from a range of electives based on your interests and calling. 

Courses Include

  • Bible Study Methods and Hermeneutics
  • Kingdom & Covenants
  • The Story of Scripture: Genesis to Revelation

Program Goals

  • General knowledge of theology
  • Understand the major books of the Bible
  • Research

More BA/BS Programs:


Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies (online)
The BABS degree at CCU aims to cover the main themes of the Bible and more in 120 credit hours. Creation, sin, reconciliation and hope. To do this, it looks at texts, history and context. Then has other classes that are about how to interpret what you read. And, communicate the messages to various audiences. 

Courses Include

  • Old Testament Intro
  • New Testament Intro
  • Biblical Tools

Program Goals

  • General knowledge of the Bible
  • Personal and social ethics
  • Basics of teaching the Bible

More BA/BS Programs:
Bachelor of Music – Worship Arts | BA in Biblical Studies with Languages  | BA in Ministry Management | BA in Theology 


Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies (online)
Ozark’s program typically has a strong biblical focus. It also often includes a range of Biblical education courses. Also included in the 120 credit hours are 8 electives. So, you may broaden the scope of your degree by pairing it with interests. 

Courses Include

  • Professional Education
  • Foundations of Biblical Communication
  • Bible Classes

Program Goals

  • Serve as a preaching, student, or children’s minister
  • Explain basic biblical principles and themes
  • Serve in a variety of ways in a church or para church organization

More BA/BS Programs:
BA in Theology | BA in Bible & Global Outreach | BA in Bible and Intercultural Studies  | BA in Bible & Interdisciplinary Studies Dual Degree | BA in Bible and Ministry | BA in Biblical Communication | BA in Biblical Justice | BA in Children’s Ministry / Christian Ministry / Student Ministry / Creative Arts Ministry | BA in Organizational Leadership | BA in Music & Worship | BA in Church Planting


Master of Arts in Biblical Studies (Online / Hybrid)
SUM’s 48 credit program is typically about readying you for the biblical research aspects of ministry. Those related to teaching, preaching, Bible education, and inquiry. As such, you may spend time looking deeply into Biblical and theological ideas. All with an eye to building the local church. There are also 3 focal areas. Theology, exegesis and biblical languages. The school aims to delivers classes through their online synchronous platform. But is now adding a new delivery system. They call it SUM Anytime-Anywhere (SUM-AA).

Courses Include

  • Theology
  • Exegesis
  • Biblical Languages

Program Goals

  • Research
  • Effective communication
  • Understanding of Scripture and systematic theology

More BA/BS Programs:
BA in Music & Worship


Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies (online)
NOBTS uses both weekly live streamed and self paced online formats. This program entails 121 credits and many free electives. It has as its goal to prepare grads for ministry in a variety of settings or for further study at the Master’s level.

Courses Include

  • Christian Foundation 
  • Ministry 
  • Bible Study

Program Goals

  • Critical Thinking
  • Effective communication
  • Servanthood

More BA/BS Programs:
BA in Psychology and Counseling | BA in Worship Ministry / Christian Ministry | BA in Christian Worldview and Apologetics


Bachelor of Science in Bible and Theology (online)
Clarks’ program looks at the Bible through the original biblical languages of Greek and Hebrew. They also usually have a menu of electives that may help you gain specific skills that suit your goals. These include Bible teaching, outreach and Evangelism, and preaching.

Courses Include

  • Principles of Bible Study
  • Bible Survey
  • World Religions

Program Goals

  • Be able to share the Scripture
  • Ministry preparation
  • Writing across disciplines

More BA/BS Programs:
BA in Counseling Ministries | BA in Christian Ministries | Accelerated Master of Divinity


Bachelor of Arts in Religion – Biblical Studies / Biblical Counseling (online)
Luther Rice’s program typically offers a major in Biblical Studies and minor in Biblical Counseling. It does not intend to prepare one for a professional state license. But, may equip you to serve more effectively as a as a biblical counselor in the local church or mission field. There are 120 credits to complete that include a Christian Ministry Practicum.

Courses Include

  • Survey of Biblical Interpretation
  • Preparing for Christian Service
  • Personal Evangelism

Program Goals

  • Understand Biblical texts
  • Public speaking
  • Counsel others in a non licensed role

More BA/BS Programs:
BAR in Christian Worldview | BAR in Ministry


Bachelor of Arts in Bible / Theology and Ministry (online)
Appalachian offers a double major. The Bible / Theology Major stresses the mastery of essential Bible content and aims to teach in depth Bible study skills. And the Ministry Major may equip you to go for a life of practical ministry within a particular vocation.

Courses Include

  • Intro to Theology and the Bible
  • Man, Sin and Salvation
  • Church and Last Things

Program Goals

  • Think Biblically
  • Bible interpretation
  • Bible memory/meditation and prayer

More BA/BS Programs:
BA in Biblical Counseling


Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies (online)
All Biola students usually take 30 credits of Bible courses and another 74 Arts and Sciences core. This is enough to receive a minor in biblical and theological studies. Some may also pursue Bible, theology and ministry as a major. As an elective, you may choose a practicum. It is a supervised experience in teaching biblical studies. And typically includes course preparation, observation, and evaluation.

Courses Include

  • Biblical Interpretation 
  • Christian Thought
  • Theology I/II

Program Goals

  • Spiritual Formation
  • Understanding of the Bible
  • Interpret and apply Bible

More BA/BS Programs:
BA in Bible Exposition | BA in Biblical Ministries


Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies (Online / Hybrid)
Emmaus’ offers a four year program of study. It aims to equip graduates with full knowledge of the Bible and Christian theology. The major offers the choice of one of six tracks. English Bible, Theology, Ministry, New Testament, Old Testament, or Exegesis. Many courses may be available online though there may be some in person requirements. 

Courses Include

  • Life of Christ
  • Church History
  • Christian Life

Program Goals

  • Knowledge of the content of the Bible
  • Practice with interpreting the Bible
  • Understanding of Christian character

More BA/BS Programs:
BS in Educational Ministries


Masters of Arts in Biblical Counseling (Online / Hybrid)
SBTS’ program entails 68 credit hours. It is typically about the skills needed to minister God’s Word through biblical counseling. Whether in the context of the local church or other Christian ministries.

Courses Include

  • Baptist Heritage
  • Foundations in Bible Teaching
  • Contemporary Evangelism

Program Goals

  • Understand Christian leadership
  • Strategies about disciple making
  • Principles of Biblical Counseling

More BA/BS Programs:


Bachelor of Arts in Bible and Theology (online)
Multnomah’s program typically covers the Bible from Genesis through Revelation. And how its message applies to modern life and thought. As you study these areas, you may develop critical thinking skills and the ability to interpret.

Courses Include

  • Genesis Song of Solomon
  • Gospels Hebrew Revelation
  • Senior Theology

Program Goals

  • Critical thinking
  • Interpretive skills
  • Theological argument

More BA/BS Programs:
BA in Business Management | BA in Applied Psychology


Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies / Biblical Counseling (online)
CBS’ 120 credit program aims to provide a biblical model for biblical counseling. It may also serve as a base for seminary and graduate school. The courses are not, however, designed to meet state licensure rules. 

Courses Include

  • Biblical Framework Counseling
  • Christian Service
  • Spiritual Formation

Program Goals

  • Engage in church, parachurch, or private biblical counseling (non licensure)
  • Understand the Bible model
  • Communication

More BA/BS Programs:
BS in Organizational Leadership


Bachelor of Arts in Religious Education (online)
At Davis, the BRE is a 121 hour, four year program. The classes aim to provide a sound biblical education for Christians who want to pursue vocational ministry upon graduation. It may also serve as the basis for graduate school or seminary. There are typically 7 focal areas to tailor studies to interests.

Courses Include

  • Biblical Languages
  • Latter Prophets
  • Life of Christ

Program Goals

  • Languages – Hebrew, Greek
  • Applied Research
  • Understand support ministries

More BA/BS Programs:
BA – Christian Counseling  | BA in Christian Ministries / Intercultural / Ministries / Youth Ministries | BA in Pastoral Studies


Bachelor of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies (online)
Regent’s program aims to provide a solid grounding in theology, practical ministry and biblical studies. You may also learn about the history, context and message of the Bible. These areas, taught from a Christian Renewal point of view may also help you apply the Bible to modern issues. There are 120 credits in total and each online course lasts 8 weeks.

Courses Include

  • Church History
  • General Epistles 
  • Theological Writing

Program Goals

  • Biblical Hebrew and Greek languages
  • Christian ethics
  • Understand the Bible in a deeper way

More BA/BS Programs:
BA in Christian Ministry


Bachelor of Arts in Bible and Theology (online)
Northpoint often offers many secondary majors in addition to the core Bible and Theology degree. All Baccalaureate students thus may graduate with a double major and take 128 credit hours. These secondary majors all have different course requirements. Some options are Children & Family Ministry, Ministry Leadership, and Student Ministry.

Courses Include

  • Homiletics
  • Romans and Galatians
  • Poetical Books 

Program Goals

  • Christian service 
  • Understand theology
  • Knowledge of the Bible

More BA/BS Programs:


Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies (other)
Belhaven’s 124 credit program aims to teach from the view that the Bible is God’s revealed truth and that it is relevant for our lives. It may make use of fully online classes of 7 weeks each. There is also a focal area in human services which may help you mold a career search.

Courses Include

  • Exploring the Old Testament
  • Books of Moses
  • Global Social Responsibility

Program Goals

  • Understand the Bible
  • Be able to interpret the Bible
  • Christian world view 

More BA/BS Programs:
BA in  Biblical Studies / Human Services


Bachelor of Science in Church Ministries (online)
Evangel’s program aims to prep you to pursue a career in church leadership as a pastor, staff member, or lay leader or in a nonprofit. As such, there are core classes that touch on finances, leadership and church ceremonies. You may also take Bible classes within the general education requirements for a total 124 credits.

Courses Include

  • Intro to Theology
  • Church Administration
  • Essential Christianity

Program Goals

  • Ability to engage with the Bible  
  • Analyze culture
  • Teaching, preaching, and leadership skills

More BA/BS Programs:
BS in General Studies  | BS in Business Management 


Bachelor of Science in Biblical Leadership (online)
MCC offers this program as a degree completion. Students may transfer in eligible hours from college, the military or other (approved) sources. This way, you may also set the pace by choosing how many classes you take in a semester.

Courses Include

  • Spiritual Formation
  • Bible Study
  • Hermeneutics

Program Goals

  • Understanding of Christ like character
  • Systematic knowledge of the Bible 
  • Basic grasp of Christian apologetics

More BA/BS Programs:
Christian Ministry


Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies (online)
This 60 credit program aims to build on the foundation of the Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies which Carolina College also offers. The final two years aim to expose students to specific Bible books, deeper doctrinal courses, and electives. It is in the electives you may choose to minor in a specific area or explore interests. 

Courses Include

  • Book of Genesis
  • Book of John
  • Book of Hebrews

Program Goals

  • Servant Leadership
  • Recognize differing world views
  • Skills necessary to serve and relate to others biblically

More BA/BS Programs:
BA in Advanced Theological Studies | BA in Leadership & Ministry | BA in Biblical Counseling


Master of Arts in Bible Exposition (online)
CIU’s program entails 36 credits. It is typically about the knowledge and skills needed to understand, apply and communicate the Scriptures effectively. Some of the material covers exegesis which may grow your skills in interpretation. The school also provides students with Logos Bible software at no extra cost.

More BA/BS Programs:
BA in Human Services


One of the things accreditation often does is set standards for schools who offer degree programs in Bible Study. There are several national faith related accrediting bodies that the Council for Higher Accreditation (CHEA) recognizes. To be eligible for federal (possibly, state) grants and loans, it may necessary to attend an accredited school. So, when choosing an online program, it may be something to think about. Financial aid may be available to those who qualify.

Is an Online Degree in Biblical Studies worth it?

An online degree in Biblical studies may be worthwhile if you can’t leave your home, job, or church to start or finish your degree. Many online schools offer their courses in self paced formats or engage you with live streaming discussions.

On the career front, many programs strive to grow the skills needed for the ministry, teaching, preaching and supervisory roles in the Church. For instance, pastoral ministry, working with youth or children, counseling, teachers or missionaries. That said, they do not always lead to state licensure, so stay informed.

How Much Could You Earn?

A degree in Biblical Studies may prepare you for various secular and ministry focused roles. Many of these jobs entail at least a bachelor’s degree or higher. According to 2019 O*NET data:

Median Wage: $75,240
A theology professor may research as well as lecture students in two and four year colleges. Many of these occupations require a four-year bachelor’s degree, but some do not. Job growth is expected to be 5 to 7% through 2029.
CLERGY (Pastor / Priest)
Median Wage: $54,400
A preaching minister needs to be an effective sermon writer and public speaker. And, must have fluent knowledge of scripture. They are in charge of a Christian church or congregation. In this role, one often performs ceremonies like weddings. Job growth through 2029 is expected to be average at 3 to 4%. Many of these occupations require graduate school. For example, they may require a master’s degree, and some require a Ph.D.
Median Wage: $43,860
A women’s or youth ministry director may coordinate or craft programs and outreach to promote certain values and activities. Depending on the role, they may offer counseling, rooted in Christian values and the Bible. These roles are expected to grow 3 to 4% through 2029. Many of these occupations require a four year bachelor’s degree, but some do not.

How Much Do Philosophy & Religious Professors Make?

As provided by BLS, the 2019 median salary by state is:

New Hampshire$76,270130
New Jersey$73,680470
New MexicoNANA
New York$72,8703,280
North Carolina$72,920690
North Dakota$74,95040
Rhode Island$86,940140
South Carolina$65,210180
South DakotaNANA
West Virginia$41,86030

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