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Trending Topics in Christian Education

Interview with Derek Davenport on the Challenges faced by Modern Preachers

The Biggest Challenges Faced by Today’s Preachers

Deciding on the right career path and figuring out what to study can be a difficult decision that requires paying attention to your heart. At first, Derek Davenport was certain he didn’t want to follow in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps by becoming a pastor.

What it Means to be a Modern and Progressive Christian

What it Means to be a Modern and Progressive Christian

Learn about the fundamental elements of progressive or modern Christianity and how they differ from more traditional beliefs and views

Basic Elements of Christian Colleges

Philosophy behind an Effective Christian Education

If you are researching Christian colleges, you may have questions about the basic elements behind a Christian education. We’ve put together an overview of the fundamental elements of a Christian College education 

Controversial Papal Decisions

The role of the Pope in the Catholic Church has been both beloved and reviled since the dawn of Christianity. Popes through the ages have...

Timeline of Christianity

A History of Christianity

While the Christian faith may seem timeless, it has a definitive starting point combined with a rich history. This history is comprised of...

Progression of Christian Education In America

The Progression of Christian Education in America

If you’re wondering whether faith-based higher education is right for you, you’re certainly not the first! Track the evolution of Christian education in United States History. 

Different careers in christian leadership

Career Paths in Christian Leadership

Ministry isn't the only option for Christian leadership. There are many other career paths for you to follow while still providing a strong Christian leader role. See all the different avenues to pursue and their salary ranges.

Battles of the Bible Infographic

Battles of the Bible

The battles of the Bible reveal a combative side of Christianity, but they can also introduce you to courageous figures who fought for what they believed in. What many of these heroes have in common is that they were able to defeat forces much larger than themselves, helped along by their faith.

15 Amazing Bible Facts

Many people – both Christian and non-Christian – are unaware of the history and intent of the bible. Check out these fifteen amazing Bible facts that you may not have known

Interview with Sarah Weber on the Misconceptions of Christian Education

Misconceptions of a Christian College Education

Choosing the right college is hard for anyone to do, but Sarah Weber knows it’s that much harder to choose the right Christian college. Weber attended Christian grade school and thought that attending a Christian college would be similar.